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Hello Sagittarius, this is a Love Tarot Reading for the old and new friends of our channel with Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus in their chart. In this tarot reading we take a look at the energies for you, the person you’re dealing with and a potential progression for the connection. Whenever you watch this tarot reading take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.
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We hope you can enjoy the ride with us. Thank you!

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“I apologize to the native/fluent English speakers: I may stumble here and there with my awesome speaking skills across every reading I record! I’m processing my words in multiple languages: yes, I know that I sound awkward but it is what it is. Practice will help me out in the process, so be patient with me if you take your time to watch the video. Thank you!” – W

About this reading:
– These are messages for those who are guided to watch: more than on the timing window in the title, the focus should be on the storyline that comes up, because time is fluid for each and everyone of us. If the energies don’t match your situation, leave them be: it’s fine.
If you find something helpful, great; if not, maybe these are messages for someone else. Check your other placements!
– It’s about the energies: if you are a crosswatcher consider the possibility that the energies can flow as a mirror. Use your best judgement of course.

* Private readings are not available at the moment.

Legal Disclaimer:
General tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Readings should never replace psychological or medical treatments, and legal or financial professional services if and when needed.
The viewer is always responsible and held accountable for any actions/decisions he/she chooses to take.

Debbie Olson
Debbie Olson

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