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Close your eyes and breathe deeply, inhale and exhale three times, and take your attention to your breath, feel the air in and out, now display a golden blue light entering with each inhalation, and in each exhalation feel dioxide of carbon leaves your body as grey smoke, like the smoke of a cigarette rises and dissipates..
Look like the light adopts a light blue hue, as it enters your body, and goes out from your heart, and travels in a slow, smooth and regular manner, through the arteries, and capillaries.
become aware that while light travels inside your body, you relax more and more.
Now visualize a white door of light in front of you, that door will lead you when you open it, to your private garden.
Now imagine that you wake up mentally, with your energethic body, and you stand in front of the door, at the count of three, open the door, and a path that will take you to your private garden will appear in front of you.
one, two, three, open the door and walk in, and see the landscape around the road, enjoy the flowers, the trees, the sun, enjoy the smell of the plants, the sound of birds, and go walking, following the path that will take you to a central area.
And while you walk and enjoy the scenery from your private garden, mentally repeat my words:
from my presence I am, here and now, I invoke the presence of the Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene to come to help me in the advance and contact with my twin flame, under grace, in harmony and perfection.
You may not see them, or you could feel them only, or might feel one of them, or both, does not matter, one of them will come to your call, before you’ll find a fountain and a bench to sit.
Greet them, Give thanks for coming, sit on the bench, and ask what you need to know about your twin flame, ask them to show him to you, to come and greet you, ask them what you need to move and advance in this path, and what prevents you from making contact with your twin flame, take the time to ask everything you need.

Now go saying goodbye to Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and ask for a moment alone with your twin flame, if you have felt him, if he has come to the meeting, you can ask him whatever you want to know, listen to him, if you have not felt him, equally you will get the message of what you have to do to meet your twin flame,
Now enjoy, a minute to talk and feel your twin flame

Now, say goodbye, hugging your twin flame, knowing that you can return to this place, when you want, and then, you will feel more and more each other, as you work the contact, and get used to his presence.

Now begin the way back, go walking down the path, the garden, down to the white light gate, open the door, pass the threshold, and you’ll be back at your pace and slowly to your physical body, becoming aware, moving the toes, hands, to finally open your eyes slowly.
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